UCAR President's Strategic Initiative Fund


The President's Strategic Initiative Fund provides seed funding for promising interdisciplinary scientific research across the whole of the organization. Awards are made to incentivize transformational science across NCAR, UCP, and/or with UCAR Member Institutions. Successful proposals will outline new activities likely to lead to future external funding. Initiative funding may not be used to supplement an existing activity.


In the first year of the fund, a total of $150,000 will be allocated to one single award or a few smaller awards. Depending on proposal pressure, the potential exists for multiple awards, totaling up to $1 million, in subsequent years.


Proposals will be accepted through close of business on November 16, 2017, with a target start date of January 2018 for a one-year performance period.

No-cost extensions will be considered as necessary in late calendar year 2018.

Application Process

Applications should be approximately five pages long and include the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Explanation of the scientific merit of the proposal
  • Approach
  • Anticipated outcome
  • Budget
  • Narrative response to the following questions:
    • Why is this transformational?
    • Why is this interdisciplinary?
    • How will this promote collaboration across the greater NCAR, UCP, university and/or private sector community?
    • What are expectations that this will lead to future, ongoing funding?
    • What are your metrics and success criteria to demonstrate achievement?
    • What are your milestones for when these metrics will be achieved?

Applications that leverage monetary co-sponsorship of at least two Lab/Program Directors will be given priority.

Award Process

The UCAR President, NCAR Director, UCP Director, and Senior Advisor to the UCAR President will review proposals in November and December 2017 and invite a set of finalists to present and defend their proposals to the review committee.

Monitoring and Evaluation Process

Awardees will liaise with a contact in the President’s Office (PO). The PO will:

  • set up the budget and keys in IFAS per the approved parameters
  • monitor expenditure on a quarterly basis
  • collect progress reports and distribute them to the Committee per the agreed upon schedule, which will include at least one final report at the end of the period of performance.

Submit a Proposal


Joanna Schmitz
Executive Assistant to the UCAR President

by close of business on Thursday, November 16.

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