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UNEION (UCAR NCAR Equity and InclusiON) is the primary training offered for UCAR and NCAR employees on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Currently, we offer a UNEION 101 training and are developing a 102 level course and some stand alone training offerings for those who have completed 101. 

The UNEION training series is a 4-part training experience which allows participants to explore how identities can affect our experiences in society and the workplace. The training is meant to provide content knowledge as well as practical tools which can be used to engage in these topic areas in and out of the workplace. Each meeting will include 2-3 hours of pre-training prep work. Participation in ALL FOUR sessions in a cohort is crucial and expected. 

Lead Learners

UNEION is facilitated by staff members who helped create this training series, called Lead Learners. We use this name because we recognize that we are still learning in this process as much as the folks who are going through this for the first time. While some of us have had more experience or expertise than others- there is still a lot for us to learn. For this reason, we may not always have the "answers" but we engage with each cohort to find the information participants are looking for. 

Current Lead Learners are: Carolyn Brinkworth, Silvia Gentile, AJ Lauer, Kristen Luna Aponte, Julie Malmberg, Helen Moshak, Angie Pendergrass, Jeremiah Sjoberg, and Josh Young

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Sign up of  the next UNEION session here. Once you log in, click on the "EOD Training Calendar and Register for courses" link. new sessions will be posted early June 2018 

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