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FY17 budget becomes law: budget $ pie chart courtesy ccPixs,com
After months of negotiations with Congress, the $1.070 trillion omnibus spending bill was signed by President Trump on May 5. The bill maintains or increases funding for most major scientific research accounts, including those at NSF, NOAA, and NASA.
Understanding wildland fires: screenshot from UCAR Congressional Briefing
This briefing examines how new research can help fire-management efforts to protect lives and property.
US capitol, Washington DC
The Trump administration released its budget blueprint yesterday and, as expected, proposed to increase defense spending in fiscal year 2018 by $54 billion or 10% above the estimate for the current fiscal year. In the blueprint's opening message, President Trump asks Congress "'to reprioritize Federal spending so that it advances the safety and security of the American people." Since the blueprint stays within the current spending caps as set in law, the $54 billion increase is paid for by an equivalent decrease in non-defense spending, including science programs.
South portico of White House
In late February, the Trump administration announced a $54 billion increase in defense spending in its budget request for fiscal year 2018, along with a commensurate $54 billion cut in non-defense discretionary spending. Unauthorized reports about which programs might be targeted by the proposed cuts are raising questions at federal agencies and at institutions that receive grant and contract funding from the federal government.
U.S. presidential inauguration, 2009
The work we do is fundamentally apolitical and centered on the protection of life and property, and our efforts provide vital support to economic development and national security. We will continue our nonpartisan activities, seeking new opportunities to advance the goals of our community.


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