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the coastal skyline of Miami - courtesy
In this briefing, experts from NCAR, academia, and private industry describe how they are working together to leverage new understanding of the oceans to improve long-range forecasts in ways that help protect society and strengthen our economy.
From Earth System Research to Industry: Still from video
This briefing highlights how scientific research enables weather companies to deliver increasingly targeted and innovative forecasts that strengthen the economy and provide the nation with greater resilience to natural disasters.
Understanding wildland fires: screenshot from UCAR Congressional Briefing
This briefing examines how new research can help fire-management efforts to protect lives and property.
Predicting Water Resource & Hazard Risks - map shows NWS River Forecast Centers
This briefing outlines how U.S. academic and research organizations; federal, state, and local agencies; and private industry are working together to address society's needs for better water prediction tools.
Space Weather Prediction: Panelists at UCAR Congressional Briefing, June 2016
As society’s dependence on technology increases, so does its vulnerability to space weather. This briefing to congressional staff and agency representatives provides a roadmap for what it will take to move from space science to space weather forecasting.
Panelists taking questions during UCAR Aviation Weather Briefing
Experts from the university community and the private sector addressed successes in minimizing risks and costs, ways to advance safety through weather-focused science, weather safety in action, and the role of unmanned drones.
UCAR Briefing: State of the Arctic: David Titley, Julienne Stroeve, and Jennifer Kay
Three researchers gave Congressional and agency staff a look at the latest research on environmental change forecasting in the region and considered risks and opportunities in the Arctic environment. [video, slides]
Hurricane researchers Sytske Kimball, Chris Davis, and Shuyi Chen
It was standing room only for Katrina to Sandy and Beyond: Next-Generation Hurricane Prediction, the second in a series of UCAR Congressional Briefings in Washington, D.C.
Congressional briefing on El Nino: Map showing ENSO impacts, Dec-Feb
El Niño and La Niña exert a strong influence on weather in the United States and around the world. During the briefing, three experts on the El Niño–Southern Oscillation clarified misperceptions, explained ENSO behavior, and outlined the state of the science aimed at predicting the onset and preparing for the impacts of these significant events.

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