NCAR Non-NSF Proposal Review Panel (PRP)

The NCAR non-NSF Proposal Review Panel (PRP) meets annually to perform a review of NCAR proposal submissions in excess of $300,000 to ensure that the proposals submitted do not create an unfair advantage for NCAR over the university community and others. The PRP has criteria by which the proposals are reviewed, it's important to remember this review process is not a review of NCAR's science. The PRP reviews proposals submitted during the previous fiscal year. 

Panel Members:

Albert Semtner, Chair (2017)
Naval Postgraduate School
Becky Alexander (2020)
University of Washington

Kirk Maasch (2020)
University of Maine

Dave Parsons (2017)
University of Oklahoma
Allison Steiner (2018)
University of Michigan
Jie Zhang (2017)
George Mason University


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Governance Contacts

Aneka Finley
Governance Liaison
+1 303.497.1655

Judy Skidmore
Administrative Support
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