Responsibilities of Member Representatives

  • Participate in the annual meeting of UCAR Members by representing the positions of and acting on behalf of the Member institution and by discussing issues and voting for the election of Trustees, new Members, and Members eligible for reelection, as well as Bylaw amendments.

  • Identify substitute representation at the Annual Members Meeting, if needed. If one or both of the Member Representatives are unable to attend the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the Member institution may assign substitutes at any time by formally filing notice to that effect with the UCAR President’s Office. The Member Representatives should identify a suitable substitute and coordinate the appointment with their institutional administration.

  • Convey results of annual meetings to and seek opinions of colleagues at the Member institution on UCAR issues, policies, and actions.

  • Forward information from the UCAR President’s Office to colleagues within the Member’s institution, including e-newsletters such as the UCAR Update and messages from the President.

  • Maintain contact about the concerns of the Member institution with the UCAR President, the Chair of the UCAR Board of Trustees, the Chair of the President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations, or other committee or Board members.

  • Collect and forward to the Members Nominating Committee all recommendations of potential candidates to become Trustees or serve on Member committees.

  • Serve as the point of contact with the UCAR Governance Office to prepare and submit the institution’s membership renewal application.

  • Respond on behalf of the Member institution to UCAR inquiries, questionnaires, surveys, etc.

  • Provide material when appropriate for inclusion in UCAR publications.

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Governance Contacts

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Governance Liaison
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Administrative Support
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