Becoming a UCAR University - How to Apply

The Membership Committee considers new applications for membership between January and May each year. This timeframe allows the committee to review the application material and visit the campus prior to making their recommendation on membership. Applications to renew a membership are considered during the same timeframe. However, the committee does not visit renewing universities as part of this process. All inital and renewing memberships must be voted on and approved at the Annual Members Meeting each October.


2018 Application Deadline:  April 27, 2018

I. Membership Term and Fee

Membership in UCAR is for an eight-year renewable term. There is an initial fee of $10,000 and a renewal fee of $3,500 every eight years. (An invoice will be provided after the October Annual Members Meeting when the UCAR Members have acted on new and renewal applications.) Once you have decided to apply for membership, please contact the UCAR Governance Office, the contact information is at the bottom of this page.

II. Membership Criteria

(excerpts from the UCAR Bylaws, Article 2, Sections 2.0 - 2.3 (PDF)

Only universities and other nonprofit corporations organized and operated for educational or scientific purposes, and located within the United States, Canada, or Mexico, are eligible for UCAR membership provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Program of Studies and Research. Has made a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to a full, coherent, and integrated program leading to a baccalaureate, doctorate or other graduate degree in one or more of the atmospheric sciences or related fields;*

  2. Progress in the Atmospheric Sciences. Has made a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to progress in the atmospheric sciences or related fields as evidenced by scholarly works of significance by its faculty in the atmospheric sciences or related fields, and;

  3. Participation in the activities of UCAR. Has made, or—as might be the case of new Members—is willing to make, a clear commitment of active participation in UCAR activities, including its governance, programs, and facilities.

*Note: "Related" fields are those that deal directly with the study of the atmosphere (e.g., astrophysics, biogeochemistry, hydrology, geography, oceanography, space physics, and related societal research).

III. Submission of Materials for Initial Applications

The Membership Committee makes its recomendations on initial applications based on the material submitted. Please submit the following:

1. President’s Letter. A letter to the President of UCAR from your university's President or Chief Executive Officer affirming the university's commitment to the three membership criteria listed in Part II above, along with the materials listed below.

2. Application Materials. Submit a document that demonstrates in a succinct way that your university meets the three membership criteria listed above. The document should be three to five pages in length, not including attachments, and should address each of the following topics:

  • Program of Studies and Research - Describe your UCAR-related departments and programs.  Provide website URLs, if available.  For each department and program list the number of tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty, research staff, and students; the types of degrees offered; and the number of degrees of each type awarded over the past three to five years.  Describe the instructional and research facilities and include a short (two-page) CV for each faculty member involved in the atmospheric and related departments.

  • Progress in UCAR-Related Sciences - Describe the UCAR-related research and scholarship carried out at your institution over the last three to five years. Information provided could include: the amount and source of external funding received; the number of refereed publications; the number of non-refereed publications; textbooks or other teaching materials produced; contributions to the history of atmospheric science; and participation in the broader atmospheric science community through scientific societies, government committees, etc.

  • Participation in UCAR Activities - Describe any participation of your faculty, staff, and/or students in UCAR governance, collaborative research activities with UCAR|NCAR, and/or the use of UCAR|NCAR facilities during the past three to five years or your willingness to participate once your institution becomes a member.


IV. Schedule a site visit

As part of the evaluation of new applications for membership, representatives from the Membership Committee will make a one-day visit to your campus. This visit should happen before the end of your  university's spring semester.

Suggested outline for the application process

Here you will find a guideline for the basic content of your initial application. Download the outline as a PDF

For Renewing Members

1.  Submit a letter addressed to the President of UCAR from your university’s President or CEO affirming the university’s commitment to the atmospheric and related science programs at the university.

2. Complete the renewal form found here.

Final note for both new and renewing applications

Institutions are responsible for submission of the required materials by the advertised deadline. Partial or incomplete submissions may result in membership admission delay or renewal lapse. Receipt of complete application materials by the deadline is extremely important in order for the Membership Committee to have sufficient time to give the application full and proper consideration. If the application materials are not received by the deadline, the Membership Committee will not have sufficient time and will not be able to vote on the application. In the case of renewals, the result will be that membership will lapse. In the case of new applications, membership will be delayed.

Updated by the UCAR Membership Committee, February 2016

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