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The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research is a consortium of institutions organized to foster and facilitate research in the atmospheric and related sciences. Being a Member of UCAR means being part of a community that helps shape the future direction of the field.

There are currently 117 member institutions that offer education and research programs in the atmospheric or related sciences, including virtually all of the major research universities of North America.

Members appoint representatives to UCAR who serve as vital links between their research and teaching communities and UCAR and its programs.,

Beyond these formal mechanisms, UCAR serves the community as a networking resource, as an education resource, and as a focal point for planning. Through its advocacy activities, UCAR alerts members to legislative and budget issues that may affect them, educates members of Congress on scientific problems and their societal impacts, and, at times, lobbies on behalf of broad community interests.


The governance and advisory committees provide vehicles that help shape the course of UCAR and the programs, facilities, and services offered to the university community.



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Board of Trustees

12-13 February, 2018
12-13 June, 2018
8 October, 2018

UCAR Members
9-10 October, 2018 (Heads & Chairs Meeting 11-12 October)

Board of Trustees
11-12 February, 2019
6-8 May, 2019
7 October, 2019

UCAR Members
8-9 October, 2019

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Aneka Finley
Governance Liaison
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Administrative Support
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