Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (SPEC)

Members of the Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (SPEC) evaluate the quality of UCAR and NCAR programs. At the invitation of the National Science Foundation, SPEC members may participate as observers in the NSF reviews of UCAR and NCAR management and programs, as appropriate.

Under the UCAR bylaws, members of the SPEC may be appointed at intervals no greater than once every five years, but no less than every three years. The SPEC may appoint subcommittees or panels that may or may not include scientists who are not Member Representatives to assist in its evaluations.

SPEC Committee Members

(Current committee was elected October 2015 for not more than 5, and not less than 3 years.)

Jim Anderson
Arizona State University

Bob Dickinson
University of Texas - Austin
Jim Kinter
George Mason University
Joyce Penner
University of Michigan
Mary Jo Richardson,
Texas A&M University

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