Members Nominating Committee

The Members Nominating Committee seeks nominations of individuals in the community to serve on the UCAR Board of Trustees, PACUR, and Membership Committees, as well as the Members Nominating Committee itself. This committee is responsible for presenting candidates at the Annual Members Meeting to be voted on by the Member Representatives.

Under the UCAR bylaws, the Members Nominating Committee is elected from among the Member Representatives only. The committee must include at least one Member Representative who is not a Trustee, and one Institutional Trustee, who is appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Committee Members Elected October 14, 2014

Rich Clark - Chair
Millersville University
Lourdes Aviles                             
Plymouth State University
Judith Curry
Georgia Institute of Technology
Noah Diffenbaugh
Stanford University 
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
University of Minnesota
Everette Joseph - Trustee Liaison
SUNY, Albany
Kirk Maasch
University of Maine
 Berrien Moore
University of Oklahoma


How to submit a nomination

Community members are invited to nominate colleagues to serve on the UCAR Board of Trustees and on Member Committees. Please submit potential candidates to the Members Nominating Committee.

The Members Nominating Committee presents candidate lists to the Member Representatives at the Annual UCAR Members Meeting each October for a vote of the membership.

Submit a nomination to the Members Nominating Committee

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