Past and Current Board of Trustees

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Rows highlighted in gray indicate the Trustee served as Chair during the term.

First Name Last Name Institution Term
Henry Houghton Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1959-1966
James Corley University of California - Berkeley 1960-1961
Yale Mintz University of California - Los Angeles 1960-1961
M.A. Farrell The Pennsylvania State University 1960-1962
John Hastie Cornell University 1960-1962
Dale Leipper Texas A&M College 1960-1962
Benjamin Nichols Cornell University 1960-1962
A.W. Peterson University of Wisconsin 1960-1962
J. Robert Stinson Saint Louis University 1960-1962
Harold Work New York University 1960-1963
Hans Neuberger The Pennsylvania State University 1960-1964
W.B. Harrell University of Chicago 1960-1966
Werner Baum The Florida State University, New York University 1960-1966
George Benton The Johns Hopkins University 1960-1966
Reid Bryson University of Wisconsin 1960-1966
Horace Byers University of Chicago, Texas A&M College  1960-1966
P.E. Church University of Washington 1960-1966
Seymour Hess The Florida State University 1960-1966
E. Wendell Hewson University of Michigan 1960-1966
Joseph McCarthy University of Washington 1960-1966
James Miller New York University 1960-1966
David Patrick University of Arizona 1960-1966
A. Richard Kassander University of Arizona 1960-1971
John Calhoun Texas A&M College 1960-1973
Carl Floe Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1960-1973
Gilbert Lee Jr. University of Michigan, University of Chicago 1960-1974
L.E. Berkner Associated Universities Inc. 1960-62
Rev. R.J. Henle Saint Louis University 1960-63
Ralph Bolgiano Cornell University 1962-1963
Neil Cafferty University of Wisconsin 1962-1963
George Pettitt University of California-Berkeley 1962-1963
Jerome Spar New York University 1962-1963
J. Churchill Owen   1962-1963
Detlev Bronk Rockefeller Institute 1962-1964
Quigg Newton University of Colorado 1962-1965
Alfred Blackadar The Pennsylvania State University 1962-1966
Rev Victor Blum Saint Louis University 1962-1966
Ross Heinrich Saint Louis University 1962-1966
E.F. Osborn The Pennsylvania State University 1962-1966
H. Ridgely Warfield The Johns Hopkins University 1962-1966
Morris Neiburger University of California - Los Angeles 1962-1969
Thomas Malone The Johns Hopkins University Travelers Insurance Co., University of Connecticut 1962-1972
Judge William Jackson   1962-1980 Emeritus
Dr. Paul Klopsteg Northwestern University 1963-1966
Dr. Fred Whipple   1964-1967
Earl Mosley   1965-1967
Dr. Alan Waterman   1965-1968
William T. Gordon   1965-1968, 1971-1974
Robert Clodius University of Wisconsin 1966-1969
Orvin Campbell University of California - Berkley 1966-1969
Karl Dittmer Florida State University 1966-1969
Thomas Rogers Cornell University 1966-1972
Rosoe Braham Jr. University of Chicago 1966-1976, 1980-1985
Helmut Landsberg University of Maryland 1968-1971
Droessler Earl North Carolina State University 1968-1973
Homer Mantis University of Minnesota 1969-1972
Thomas F. Malone Butler University 1969-1974
Wytze Gorter University of Hawaii 1969-1975
Robert Chasson University of Denver 1969-1979
Kenneth Rae University of Alaska 1970-1973
Robert  Fleagle University of Washington 1970-1976
Robert Long The Johns Hopkins University 1970-1976
Grant Darkow University of Missouri 1971-1974
Edward Epstein University of Michigan 1971-1974
Shih-Kung Kao University of Utah 1971-1974
Julius London University of Colorado 1971-1974
Robert Chasson University of Denver 1971-1975
John Dutton Riso National Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University  1971-1977
A. Ray Chamberlain Colorado State University 1971-1980
Clifford Murino Saint Louis University, University of Nevada System 1972-1975, 1982-1984
Richard Craig Florida State University 1972-1987
Emilio Daddario Office of Technology Assessment 1973-1979
Eric Kraus University of Miami 1973-1979
Thomas Donahue University of Michigan 1973-1983
Kenneth Boulding University of Colorado 1974-1977
Roland List University of Toronto 1974-1977
Paul Fye Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1974-1980
Robert Noyes Harvard University 1975-1978
Frederick Seitz Rockefeller University 1975-1978
Eberhard Wahl University of Wisconsin 1975-1978, 1981
Frederick Seitz Rockefeller University 1975-1978, 1980-1981
Morton Wurtele University of California - Los Angeles 1976-1982
John Dutton Risco National Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University 1977-1980
Robert White National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council 1977-1983
J.L.J. Hart Holland and Hart 1977-1986
William E. Gordon Rice University 1979-1981
Ernest Agee Purdue University 1979-1982
Thomas Seliga Ohio State University 1980-1982
Thomas Donahue University of Michigan, Carnegie Institute of Washington  1980-1983
J. Michael Wallace University of Washington 1980-1984
Eberhard Wahl University of Wisconsin -Madison, Federal Republic of Germany 1981
Noel Hinners National Air and Space Museum 1981-1982
Werner Baum Florida State University 1981-1983
H. Guyford Stever National Academy of Sciences 1981-1983
John Byrne Oregon State University 1981-1986
Charles Hosler Jr. The Pennsylvania State University 1981-1986
Donald Veal University of Wyoming, Particle Measuring Systems 1981-1990
Robert Reid Texas A&M College 1982-1984
John Evans Massachusetts Institute of Technology, COMSAT Laboratories  1982-1987
Harlan Cleveland University of Minnesota 1982-1987
Louis Battan University of Arizona 1983-1985
James Fletcher Burroughs System Development Corporation 1983-1988
Verner Suomi University of Wisconsin 1983-1988
Robert Street Stanford University 1983-1993
Steven Orszag Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1984
John Geisler University of Utah 1984-1986
Walter Hitschfeld McGill University 1984-1986
James Anderson Harvard University 1984-1987
John Slaughter University of Maryland 1984-1987
Walter Munk Scripps Institute of Oceanography 1985
Jesse Stephens Florida State University 1985-1987
Richard Orville State University of New York at Albany 1985-1991
Robert Sievers University of Colorado 1986
William E. Gordon Rice University 1986-1991
Thomas Vonder Haar Colorado State University 1986-1991
Ferdinand Baer University of Maryland 1986-1991
Thomas Watson IBM Corporation 1987-1988
W. Lawrence Gates Oregon State University 1987-1989
Robert Duce University of Rhode Island, The Johns Hopkins University 1987-1992
James Kimpel University of Oklahoma 1987-1992
John McLucas QuesTech Inc 1987-1992
Richard Reed University of Washington 1987-1992
George Benton University of Maryland 1988-1990
Eugene Parker University of Chicago 1988-1990
Laurel Wilkening University of Arizona, University of California - Irvine  1988-1990, 1998-1999
John Steele Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1988-1991
Kerry Emanuel Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1988-1993
Darius Gaskins Burlington Northern Railroad, Harvard University, High Street Associates 1988-1994
Richard Somerville Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California- San Diego 1990-1995
S. George Philander Princeton 1991-1993
Sir. Crispin Tickell Green College at the Radcliff Observatory 1991-1993
Gerald North Texas A&M University 1991-1994
William Bishop Desert Research Institute- University of Nevada 1991-1997
Susan Avery University of Colorado 1991-1997
Donald Johnson University of Wisconsin-Madison  1991-1997
Richard Johnson Colorado State University 1992-1997
Martin Jischke Iowa State University 1993-1995
William Chameides Georgia Institute of Technology 1993-1996
William Peltier University of Toronto 1993-1998
William Moomaw Tufts University 1993-1998
John Snow Purdue University 1993-1998
Richard Hallgren American Meteorological Society 1993-1999
Roger Wakimoto University of California - Los Angeles 1994-1996
Lennard Fisk University of Michigan 1994-1999
Lyn Hutton Dartmouth College 1995-2000
Conway Leovy University of Washington 1995-2000
Glenn Shaw University of Alaska 1996-1998
Julia Nogues-Paegle University of Utah 1996-2001
Ronald Smith Yale University 1997-2002
Otis Brown University of Miami 1997-2003
Margaret Tolbert University of Colorado 1998-2000
Gabor Vali University of Wyoming 1998-2003
Leo Donner Princeton 1998-2004
David Houghton University of Wisconsin- Madison 1999-2001
Dennis Thomson The Pennsylvania State University 1999-2001
Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1999-2005
David Skaggs Aspen Institute 1999-2005
Charles Kennel Scripps Institute of Oceanography 2000-2002
Ronald McPherson American Meteorological Society 2000-2006
Mary Jo Richardson Texas A&M University 2000-2006
Patricia Woodworth University of Chicago 2001-2002*re
Eugenia Kalnay University of Maryland 2001-2007
Neal Lane Rice University 2002-2008
Kelvin Droegemeier University of Oklahoma 2002-2008
Orlando Taylor Howard University 2002-2008
Lynne Talley Scripps Institute of Oceanography 2003-2006
Eric Barron Pennsylvania State University, University of Texas at Austin 2003-2008
Leonard Pietrafesa North Carolina State University 2003-2009
Barbara Feiner Washington University in St. Louis 2003-2010
Rosina Bierbaum University of Michigan 2004-2010
Frank Nutter Reinsurance Association of America 2004-2010
Steve Rutledge Colorado State University 2004-2010
Rana Fine University of Miami 2005-2011
Shirley Malcom American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science 2005-2011
Berrien Moore III University of New Hampshire 2006-2008
Robert Dickinson Georgia Institute of Technology 2006-2009
Hemant Shah Risk Management Solutions 2006-2009
Richard Truly NASA Administrator, Retired Admiral U.S. Navy 2006-2012
Robert Palmer Retired Staff Director, U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee 2006-2011
Soroosh Soroushian University of Arizona, UC Irvine 2001-2007
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou University of Minnesota 2007-2010
Steve Ackerman University of Wisconsin – Madison 2008-2014
Kerry Cook University of Texas, Austin 2008-2014
Dennis Hartmann University of Washington 2008-2014
Mark Abbott Oregon State University 2009-2012
Don Wuebbles University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2009-2012
Richard Clark Millersville University 2009-2015
Anne Thompson The Pennsylvania State University 2007-2013
Jerry Melillo Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole 2010-2016
Richard Porreca University of Colorado 2010-2013
Eric Saltzman University of California, Irvine 2010-2013
Eugene S. Takle Iowa State University 2010-2016
Ken Bowman Texas A&M University 2011-2016
Amy Clement University of Miami 2011-2014
Scott Sternberg Vaisala Inc. 2011-2017
Molly Maccauley Resources for the Future 2011-2014
Roberta Balstad Columbia University 2009-2015
Fred Carr University of Oklahoma 2009-2015
Alan Robock Rutgers University 2012-2015
Everette Joseph Howard University, SUNY Albany 2012-2018
Vicki Arroyo Georgetown Climate Center 2012-2015
Eric  Betterton University of Arizona  2013-2019
Rafael  Bras Georgia Institute of Technology  2013-2019
Kelly Fox  University of Colorado, Boulder  2013-2019
Eric  Barron  Pennsylvania State Univeristy  2014-2020
Antonio Busalacchi University of Maryland 2014-2016
Donald DeHayes University of Rhode Island 2014-2017
Janet Kozyra University of Michigan  2014
Romy  Olaisen  Harris Corporation  2014-2018
Christopher  Bretherton  University of Washington  2015-2021
Petra Klein University of Oklahoma  2015-2021
Gudrun Magnusdottir University of California, Irvine  2015-2021
Charlette Geffen  Pacific Northwestern National Lab  2015-2021
Ken  Washington  Ford Motor Corporation  2015-2016
Kristie Boering  University of California, Berkeley  2016-2019
Michael  Morgan  University of Wisconsin, Madison  2016-2019
Kathleen Ritzman Scripps Institution of Oceanography  2016-2019
Susan Avery Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute 2017-2020
Raymond Ban Ban & Associates 2017-2018
Sherri Goodman Wilson Center 2017-2020
Harlan Spence University of New Hampshire 2017-2020
Rana Fine University of Miami 2018-2020
David Randall Colorado State University 2018-2021
Al Diaz Marymount University 2018-2021

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