Members of the Board of Trustees



Everette Joseph
Chair of the Board
SUNY, Albany 
Previous term:2012-2015
Current term: 2015-2018

Susan Avery
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Current term:2017-2020

Raymond Ban - Trustee-At-Large
Ban & Associates 
Current term: 2017-2018
Eric Barron
Pennsylvania State University 
Previous term: 2014-2017
Current term: 2017-2020
Eric Betterton
University of Arizona 
Previous term
Current term:
Kristie Boering
University of California, Berkeley
Current term: 2016-2019
Christopher Bretherton
University of Washington
Current term:  2015-2018
Rafael L. Bras
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Previous term: 2013-2016
Current term:2016-2019
Antonio Busalacchi Ex-Officio  
UCAR President 
Kelly Fox - Trustee-At-Large
University of Colorado 
Previous term: 2013-2016
Current term: 2016-2019
Charlette Geffen - Trustee-At-Large
Pacific Northwestern National Lab
Current term: 
Sherri Goodman - Trustee-At-Large
Wilson Center
Current term: 2017-2020
Petra Klein
University of Oklahoma
Current term:  2015-2018
Gudrun Magnusdottir
University of California, Irvine
Current term:  2015-2018
Michael Morgan
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Current Term: 2016-2019
Romy Olaisen - Trustee-at-Large
Harris Corporation
Previous term: 2014-2017
Current term: 2017-2020
Kathleen Ritzman Trustee-at-Large
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Current Term: 2016-2019
Harlan Spence 
University of New Hampshire
Current term: 2017-2020
Meg McClellan - UCAR Counsel

Trustees joining the Board in February 2018

Rana Fine
University of Miami

David Randall
Colorado State Univeristy

Al Diaz Trustee-at-Large
Marymont University

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Governance Liaison
+1 303.497.1655

Judy Skidmore
Administrative Support
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