Board of Trustees

The UCAR Board of Trustees are elected by the Members at the UCAR Annual Members Meeting each October. The Trustees determine the overall direction of the corporation. They discharge their fiduciary responsibilities at their regularly scheduled meetings, and through a set of committees that recommend actions regarding UCAR scientific appointment, financial management, and audit matters.

Upcoming Meetings


Board of Trustees

12-13 February 2018
12-13 June 2018
11 October 2018

UCAR Members

9-10 October 2018

Heads & Chairs Meeting

11-12 October


Board of Trustees

11-12 February 2019
6-8 May 2019
7 October 2019

UCAR Members

8-9 October 2019

 Officers of the Corporation updated 02/15/2018

Chair Susan Avery
Vice Chair Petra Klein
Secretary Charlette Geffen
Treasurer Kelly Fox
Assistant Secretaries Aneka Finley - Governance Liaison
Meg McClellan - Chief Legal Officer
Assistant Treasurer Patricia Leslie - Director of Treasury and Finance

Antonio Busalacchi - UCAR President
Jim Hurrell - Director, NCAR
Melissa Miller - UCAR Vice President, Finance and Administration
Meg McClellan - Chief Legal Officer
Lory Mitchell Wingate- UCAR Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees shall have and may exercise all the powers vested in the Board of Trustees during intervals between meetings of the Board unless the full Board of Trustees determines otherwise.

Chair Susan Avery
Members Eric Betterton
  Antonio Busalacchi
  Kelly Fox
  Charlette Geffen
  Everette Joseph - ex-officio
  Petra Klein
  Gudrun Magnusdottir
  Michael Morgan

Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing corporate financial management functions. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding changes in financial management policies. The committee nominates a public accounting firm to carry out the annual audit of UCAR's financial positions and oversees UCAR's internal auditor.

Chair Kelly Fox
Members Rafael Bras
  Al Diaz
  Sherri Goodman
  Romy Olaisen (RESIGNED)
  David Randall
  Kathleen Ritzman

Board of Trustees Nominating Committee

The Board's Nominating Committee is appointed from among the current Trustees. Committee members are charged with appointing Trustees to standing Board committees and nominating officers of the corporation. The committee also appoints members of special committees of the Board as needed.

Chair Eric Barron
Members Rana Fine
  Gudrun Magnusdottir
  Romy Olaisen (RESIGNED)

NCAR Budget & Programs Committee

The NCAR Budget and Programs Committee provides guidance and oversight to NCAR and UCAR management for the development of the NCAR strategic plan and annual program plans.
Chair Michael Morgan
Members Eric Betterton
  Chris Bretherton
  Kelly Fox
  Charlette Geffen
  Petra Klein
  Harlan Spence

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending personnel policies. The committee monitors the development of effective affirmative action and safety programs. It is also responsible for reviewing each year the procedures followed during UCAR's annual salary review.

Chair Gudrun Magnusdottir
Members Eric Betterton
  Kristie Boering
  Rana Fine
  Michael Morgan
  Romy Olaisen (RESIGNED)


PACUR Kristie Boering
Members Nominating Eric Betterton

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