Engaging with UCAR

Engaging with UCAR: Handshake in front of supercomputerWe invite you to explore our website and contact us any time to consider ideas or questions regarding our research and development (R&D). On this page we describe how we're structured and how that relates to building partnerships with us. Details of contractual relationships will of course vary; we welcome the opportunity to discuss and develop relationships that strengthen mutual goals.

Our structure

UCAR is a consortium of more than 100 member colleges and universities granting degress in the atmospheric sciences. A nonprofit 501(c)(3), our activities are funded primarily through research assistance awards from the federal government. UCAR manages NCAR on behalf of the National Science Foundation. Through the UCAR Community Programs (UCP), we provide innovative services in support of the consortium's education and research goals. 

NCAR is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) of the National Science Foundation. NCAR is not a federal agency. Our activities complement those of the federal agencies and we work closely with them.

UCAR Foundation manages intellectual property developed by scientists and researchers at UCAR and NCAR.

Contracting with UCAR


  • UCAR may respond directly to U.S. government-issued RFPs on behalf of UCP
  • UCAR may not respond directly to U.S. government-issued RFPs on behalf of NCAR as the prime contractor.  UCAR may team with one or more prime contractors as a subcontractor on behalf of NCAR.

To assure a successful outcome, involve us up front, at the idea stage.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

  • UCAR retains title to its intellectual property (IP), including preexisting work and derivative works. As a nonprofit research institute our goal is to make our R&D broadly available.
  • Government use rights are retained for all work involving government funds.
  • To ensure our research is as broadly disseminated as possible, UCAR relationships are nonexclusive.
  • By its very nature, R&D work is provided with no warranties.
  • UCAR liability limitation applies.

Proprietary information and security considerations

  • UCAR does not need access to partners' proprietary, commercial information, and we prefer that partners box it off to protect it.
  • UCAR can and does handle export-controlled material.
  • UCAR cannot and does not handle classified material.

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