Presentations - Summit on the Future of Forecasting

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National Center for Atmospheric Research
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado

Scientific Presenters

janice coen


video icon  Understanding and Prediction  (0:14:24)

Janice Coen
NCAR Earth System Laboratory

An expert on the interplay between wildland fires and the atmosphere, Dr. Coen uses computer modeling to better understand fire behavior. She is interested in how fires respond to certain atmospheric conditions and complex terrain, as well as how major conflagrations can shape local weather patterns, creating what's known as "fire weather." Coen played a critical role in developing the first fire-atmosphere computer model, and she has authored a number of publications on topics such as the effect of atmospheric winds, wind shear, and terrain on fire behavior.

david gochis


video icon  Hydrometeorological Prediction: Anywhere, Anytime  (0:08:32)

David Gochis
NCAR Research Applications Laboratory

Dr. Gochis focuses on the intersection of water with weather and climate, as well as land-atmosphere interactions. He conducts field research and develops computer models to examine the processes associated with rainfall and runoff, how terrain contributes to formation of thunderstorms, and related questions that influence the availability of water resources. Gochis is lead architect of the WRF-Hydro modeling system for prediction of floods and water supply.

branko kosovic

Renewable Energy

video icon  Renewable Energy: Custom Forecast Systems  (0:12:37)

Branko Kosovic
Program Manager, Renewable Energy,
NCAR Research Applications Laboratory

Dr. Kosovic studies motion in the lower atmosphere, from how air currents flow, to what they carry and how turbulence arises. His current projects include development of forecasts of sunlight availability for solar energy production and custom forecasting systems to predict wind behavior for electricity-generating wind farms.
rich rotunno

Severe Weather

video icon  Experimental Prediction of Severe Weather  (0:13:44)

Richard Rotunno
Director, Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, and Senior Scientist,
NCAR Earth System Laboratory

Dr. Rotunno, who oversees the main NCAR division that studies weather, specializes in storms and weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, squall lines, polar lows, and similar phenomena. He combines theory with computer modeling to discover ways of improving forecasting. Rotunno's modeling work has included simulations with unprecedented detail of hurricanes and other key atmospheric events. His contributions to understanding a wide variety of weather phenomena have earned the highest levels of recognition from the American Meteorological Society.

olga wilhelmi


video icon  Managing Drought Risk: An Integrated Approach  (0:08:16)

Olga Wilhelmi
Head of NCAR's GIS Program and Scientist,
NCAR Research Applications Laboratory

Dr. Wilhelmi is a geographer whose research focuses on interactions among weather, climate and society. She leads NCAR's Geographic Information System Program, an interdisciplinary research effort that integrates atmospheric, environmental, and social science information through spatial analysis. Wilhelmi uses GIS techniques and remote sensing to understand the impacts of weather and climate on natural resources and human populations. Her work explores vulnerability to drought as well as the impact of heat waves on urban areas, with an eye toward developing strategies to lessen those impacts.


Technical Presenter

Gina Taberski

Doing Business with NCAR & UCAR

video icon  How to Engage with UCAR  (0:12:12)

Virginia (Gina) Taberski
Contracts Director
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Ms. Taberski is responsible for all financial assistance and procurement activities for UCAR, whose sponsors include the U.S. government, state and local governments, universities, commercial organizations, as well as foreign governments, universities, and private industry. She has over 15 years experience managing and negotiating contracts for the financial and programmatic support of the organization. In addition she directly and indirectly supports the business activities of several UCAR affiliates, including the UCAR Foundation and its spin-off companies. Taberski joined UCAR in 1987, became a senior contracts administrator in 1997, was promoted to manager of sponsored agreements in 1998, and promoted to contracts director in 2012



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